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My Australian shepherd loves them ! Running a minimum of 50km per week, Neska (6 year old Australian shepherd) needs very high quality food. Not only is the ordering process simple and reliable, but the product is delivered within 2 days. The packaging is great and of course the kibbles are by far Neska's favourite. Previously she was fed with organic food from Canada which is an ecological and economical nonsense. Thank you for your high quality local alternative. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


First order Very fast delivery and Chô-7 (the dog) finds her new kibbles to her taste. In short, good value for money. I recommend this address.

Pascal and Chô-7

The kibbles are perfect for our dogs who love them and they keep our dogs in great shape 💪!

Olivia, my 3 Jacks and my spaniel

Great product quality, my dog became a fan from the very first bite. I recommend it!

Elinore and Maki

My 15-year-old dog loved new kibbles for the first time! In addition to a great project, they are approved 👏🏻


Our dog devours them!! With much more appetite than classic kibbles. Plus a local product... bravo!!!!

Adèle & Orval

super product in an original packaging, Raymond is a real treat!

Maryse & Raymond

Pippa is a sporty cocker spaniel who runs more than 25 km per week. She therefore needs a healthy and balanced diet. Since she has been eating Colonel Gustave, she is full of energy, runs faster and faster and has no more skin problems !! Thank you Colonel Gustave !!

Grégoire & Pippa