Your kibbles delivered at your door every month


Choose your formula

Choose a non-binding subscription and benefit from a 5% discount, or a half-yearly subscription and its 15% discount !


Define the delivery frequency

Would you prefer deliveries every month? Every two months? The choice is up to you.


indicate the number of packages you want

Depending on your dog’s size and appetite, specify the number of packs you want to receive each time.


Done !

Everything is ready, be cool and wait (not too long) for your parcel to arrive. You will never run out of delicious Colonel Gustave croquettes again.

Colonel Gustave kibble subscription - abonnement de croquettes Colonel Gustave
  • The tester
  • 37.94
    / 6kg pack
    • Non-binding subscription
    • 5% discount – no delivery costs*
    • Editable & Cancellable at any time without conditions
    • Adaptable to your dog’s size
    • Monthly payment
  • The lover
  • 35.95
    / 6kg pack
    • Half-yearly subscription
    • 15% discount – no delivery costs*
    • Adaptable to your dog’s size
    • Delivery frequency to be determined
    • Monthly payment
croquettes sans céréales 100% belge

Why choose a subscription ?

It happened to all of us. Your dog claims his favourite food and you realise that you are at the end of the pack or bag depending on the brand. Quick! You have to find a solution to satisfy your protégé’s appetite. This is why we have launched a kibble subscription system.

With a Colonel Gustave subscription, you can choose between a non-bniding plan or a six-month plan and the number of packages you want. E.g.: 2 packs every month.

A new dog in the family? Don’t worry, you can change your subscription to Colonel Gustave’s croquettes at any time.

Can be changed at any time

Have you opted for a non-binding kibble subscription? You can change or delete it at any time. All you have to do is log in to your account or contact us via the email address


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Healthy kibbles developed by specialists

As Agnès Demaret explains in her article in La Capitale, a croquette subscription is obviously very practical. This saves time and money, but we must not neglect the quality of the kibbles we receive.

With Colonel Gustave, your dog will never be disappointed! We use only good ingredients that could very well have ended up on your plate (in another shape of course). Our dog kibbles are local because the ingredients come from within a 160km radius which greatly reduces the CO2 impact and highlights the farmers who work next door to you.

Our recipes have been created by specialists. Nutritionists and veterinarians are the ones who decided on the final recipe.

Good vegetables, herbs and of course lots of fresh meat. This is how we want to improve your dog’s health, because loving your dog means above all feeding him well!

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