The beginning of Colonel Gustave

Here we go! After 5 long months of hard work, we finally officially launch Colonel Gustave. It’s been a long road since the idea came into our heads, but we finally got there. We are, of course, nature and dog lovers, but we have learned a lot about dog nutrition. We have to admit that we hear a lot of different stories on the internet and that it is therefore essential to put the church back in the middle of the village by going to speak with experts for whom the stomachs of our four-legged friends have no secrets.
With these 5 months spent studying the problem in all directions, we are now happy to be able to offer you ultra qualitative, delicious, beautiful, healthy kibbles for which the ingredients do not have to travel from sometimes the other side of the planet to find themselves in your doggie’s bowl. In short, we hope your dog will love our delicious kibble while wagging his tail to have a limited impact on the environment he loves to walk on.

Join us in this article to find out how we decided to embark on the adventure of dog kibble.

Little hint: there’s a dog in the story 🙂

How did it all start?

November 2019

It all starts at the end of 2019, when Colonel and his partner decide to welcome a new member into their family. They quickly set out in search of a magnificent Hungarian Braque to put even more life into their house and come across Sierra. We must say that this is not the easiest breed to find in Belgium and the waiting lists are quite long. In November, they realise their dream and find a litter with availability near Paris.


Viszla Hungarian braque puppy


Sierra was born on 6 January 2020 near Paris. She was welcomed 2 months later in her new family for whom 2 months seemed like an eternity.

The breeder recommended the use of a certain brand – whose name we will not mention – market leader and present in all supermarkets and pet shops. Not a very sexy brand, but after all, they know what they’re doing. At least that’s what Colonel said at first. After a few weeks, Colonel made a clear statement: Sierra was not a big fan of her daily menu, she was thin and didn’t even eat half of her recommended daily allowance.

Like any good master, Colonel inquired about these kibbles and after browsing forums and watching documentaries, he was certain that he was not giving a proper meal for his dog and was not helping the ecological cause very much by doing so.
From this experience was born a desire to find a better product for Sierra, which she could happily swallow and if, in addition, this product could respect the environment it would be ideal. Very few pet food companies have yet taken an interest in this need, even though it is increasingly present in people’s minds.

Gustave, also known as the operational expert, was therefore contacted and together they decided to launch a brand that would respect the dog’s stomach while reducing the environmental impact of this dry food.