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Before telling you about this famous first recipe for adult dogs, we would like to thank you. Yes, it's been a while since we've had the opportunity to tell you about the progress of the project. So for starters, you know that we've been pre-ordering for almost a month now. We are today at 125% of our crowdfunding objective and this, this is thanks to you. We had already told you on the Kisskissbankbank platform about the ingredients we decided to put in our recipe. These ingredients had been carefully chosen with our nutritionist partner. So there you have it, after a lot of hard work, we are proud to present you with the final recipe. A first recipe for adult dogs. It is healthy and contains everything you need for a healthy doggie. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!

How do you make a delicious local first dog recipe?

The principle was as follows, we worked out a recipe with the help of a nutritionist with the difficulty of choosing ingredients that grow in our own backyard. Then we drew a 160 km circle around the Belgian borders. A radius of 160 km is in fact the rule of the "locavore" diet, which seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of the food on our plates. Once the perimeter was set, we searched heaven and earth for 3 months to find what we needed and today we are very happy to have found everything we were looking for! Of course, we had a few adventures, for example with peas. We chose not to work with cereals and therefore replaced them with peas. It is not the easiest thing to find in Belgium, contrary to what one might think. Some risk it, but it's not always the best move. The farmer who was supposed to supply us with peas unfortunately had a catastrophic yield due to the drought and ended up with barely 1/6 of his predictions. The pea harvest took place in August, so we had a good scare. Luckily for us, after many phone calls, we found our happiness in the region of Grand-Leez more exactly! As for our farmer friend, we're obviously counting on him next spring for our future recipes !😉

Distribution of ingredients

Today, we are proud to say that we have a recipe made with ingredients that come 85% from Belgium, 10% within a radius of 160 km and only 5% from outside our circle.

5%, why not 0%?

Some ingredients are very difficult to find in our enlarged Kingdom. So we had to make choices. On the one hand, every dog owner knows that the omega-3s found in salmon oil are necessary for a complete recipe. If they are unable to obtain cod from the North Sea, the brands have to go to the Nordic countries (mainly Norway) to stock up with salmon oil, which is often filled with antibiotics. So, with my associate Gustave, we looked for an alternative to this ingredient, which is neither local nor ecological. If, in any case, we have to source salmon oil in Norway, why not opt for a more environmentally friendly foreign solution? This is where we fell under the spell of an ingredient that also comes from the oceans, the Veramaris algae. A little biology lesson, where do these Omega-3s that are so important for our health come from? Veramaris Omega 3 path In general, wild salmon obtains its omega-3s through the natural food chain. Seaweed, the original source of EPA and DHA, is consumed by zooplankton. These are then eaten by wild fish such as anchovies, sprat and blue whiting - fish that wild salmon consume naturally. The resulting reflection is simple, why go looking in the fish when what you are looking for is in a seaweed. This alga has the ability to provide the same benefits as fish oil, but without the associated disadvantages (overfishing in the seas, antibiotics in aquaculture, etc.).

Fresh meat

In the Colonel Gustave recipes, we decided to start with a chicken recipe because it is a lean and easily digestible meat. What's more, the majority of dogs love it... Obviously, we decided to use only the good stuff. Goodbye meat flours with beaks, feathers, paws & other by-products. Now it's time for fresh meat! In our recipe, we decided to use 42 kg of fresh meat for 100 kg of finished product. This is obviously a very rare practice on the market, because you have to pay for quality! As a result, there is less money in the pockets of industrialists. Fresh meat has several advantages. First of all, it is not transformed and modified several times before ending up as a beautiful round croquette. Afterwards, it retains all its nutritional values. It is also a more digestible meat for the stomachs of our puppies and moreover it is much more palatable for them. They won't leave any crumbs! In fact, it is quite simply the most natural way to feed your dog when feeding kibble.

Delicious side dishes

Obviously, to accompany this beautiful piece of chicken, we have chosen several ingredients that would have their place in the most beautiful starred restaurants. Apples, pumpkins, chicory, nettles or carrots.
apple drawingChicory

What next?

In the next article, we will tell you about a crucial and not the simplest choice, the development of our eco-responsible packaging! Stay tuned dog lovers :-)

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