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Sizes vary depending on the pack you choose. Each bag is marked with a size indicator in the following format:

Small: kibbles between 7 and 9mm.

Medium: kibbles between 12 and 14mm.

The aim here is to give your dog the best balance for his nutritional needs (like Colonel Gustave kibbles). Both types of food are good for your dog as long as they meet his needs, but kibbles have certain added benefits, such as cleaning his teeth.

It's best to spread this change out over a week. Animals like their habits. The best thing to do is to mix your dog's usual food with his new Colonel Gustave kibbles, with a small proportion of CG compared with the usual food at the beginning of the seven days and gradually reverse the mixture to arrive at a ration with 100% CG kibbles.

Our ingredients are sourced within a 160km radius of our warehouse.

This ensures:

😍 Guarantee optimum quality
🎯 Impeccable traceability
🌎 Save a packet of CO2
🚜 Support local breeders/farmers

Our recipes are, of course, developed by nutritionists and veterinarians. The recipes are complete, meaning that they perfectly meet nutritional requirements.

Our bag is made from compostable materials! The paper comes from sustainably managed forests (PEFC label).

We also have a range of bulk drums, which are all the rage. They're made of plastic, but they've been recycled from the food industry, and they're bonded and reusable.

And we also make plastic buckets available, but these are of excellent quality so when you buy one you've got it for an incredible number of uses!

Contact us by e-mail at hello@colonelgustave.com and you will receive a label to return the parcel free of charge.

Shortly after placing your order, you will receive confirmation from the carrier that the parcel has been picked up and you will receive a link to track your parcel.

We'll do everything we can to make sure you're delivered on time. If your order was placed before midday, we will deliver your parcel to our partner the same day!

Once this has been done, it takes 1 to 2 working days for Belgium and 3 days for France.

We currently deliver to Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and France. For countries outside Belgium, additional delivery charges may apply.

It's very simple, you can do it yourself in your customer area or send us a request at hello@colonelgustave.com.

Don't hesitate to let us know why, so that we can continually improve.

The best-before date for our croquettes is 18 months. This means that they can be eaten up to 18 months after the day of production. But don't worry, they won't last that long. We generally recommend eating them within the first 6 months so that they retain all their nutritional value and flavour in the eyes (and especially the nose) of our four-legged friends. When you buy them, they're generally no more than 2 months old, so there's still 4 months of optimal storage left πŸ™‚

The amount depends, of course, on your dog's weight and age. You'll find a table on the Colonel Gustave packaging showing the recommended amount to feed your dog. The tables are also available on the product sheets on our website in the "recommended quantity" section.

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