Walks ? Colonel Gustave's Top 10 for incredible walks

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Exceptional walks? Colonel Gustave offers you his top 10 in our regions. Walks are like kibble, you only get the best!

Central walks in the park of the castle of La Hulpe

Imagine a 227-hectare park in the heart of Walloon Brabant where you can walk around with your leash on for hours? This is possible in the park of the castle of La Hulpe. Its central location Le Hulpe Castlein Belgium gives it a prominent place in our selection. You will find exceptional flora and fauna. The variety of plants, but also of trees, is incalculable. In particular, there are magnificent concentrations of rhododendrons. The wooded hills and various ponds provide a prime resting place for a wide range of wildlife. In the middle of this park, which is the "Domaine rĂ©gional Solvay", the de BĂ©thune Castle stands proudly. Unfortunately, it cannot be visited, but your dog will not be too interested anyway. But you can admire, while stretching your companion's legs, an architecture inspired by the Loire castles by walking in its French garden. There are also sculptures here and there that will enhance your walk. Special facilities have also been set up within the park for people with reduced mobility. There is also a restaurant with a terrace that can offer you a refreshing break.  

Walking in the fagnes

To our great misfortune, the nature reserve of the fens is forbidden to dogs. Because of this, most of the gratings are inaccessible to our favourite quadrupeds... But don't worry, there are other walks! The lake in Robertville was of particular interest to us. There are so many hiking trails around it, each one more incredible than the last, that we can't even suggest an itinerary without making you miss the wonders that are hidden there. If you pass by, find the view of Reinhardstein Castle! It is exceptional with even a touch of romance. In any case, we love it. You will have the impression of being in a distant country, in the very heart of our Ardennes. For example, steep rocks and streams will give you the impression of being in the mountains. Fagnes

Walks around the Gileppe dam

The Gileppe dam is a hydraulic dam. It is also located in the High Fagnes This time it is located next to the Hertogenwald. Three signposted walks are available. The first is the "Grand Lys Walk", which is 8.7 km long and lasts approximately 2.5 hours. It has a medium difficulty The second is the "tour of the lake", the distance is longer, but the route is simpler. You should plan 3h30 to finish this loop. The last one is the "didactic path", its length is barely 3 km, but in view of its difficulty, don't hesitate to allow a good hour. For more information on these routes, do not hesitate to visit the website of the dam!  

Wander through the ruins of Villers-la-Ville Abbey

  Ruins of Villers-la-Ville Abbey It is possible to visit the ruins of Villers-la-Ville Abbey with your dog. But don't worry, there are not only ruins to see. You will discover exceptional gardens, but also a meditative path. And that's not all, you will have the chance to discover a vineyard and taste their beers. That's quite a programme for you and your dog, in the middle of Walloon Brabant. Find out more about the abbey's tips for walking your dog.  

Art walks exist thanks to the art trails

Spend time with your dog in nature while contemplating works of art? They did it ! A total of 141 km, which forms a loop and is divided into different sections for your convenience. Do a section from time to time, you will see, they are worth the diversions. There are different routes through the Condroz and the Famenne. These routes are meticulously chosen and offer panoramas worthy of films. Le tout agrémenté çà et là d'œuvres d’art . We advise you to discover these routes without further delay. For more information, visit the art trails website. Ponton étang de Virelles

Walking around the lake of Virelles

Located in the region of Chimay, dogs are allowed, but only on the tourist part. Come and discover a more than preserved nature with bird species that are almost only found there! We strongly recommend the Promenade des Hauts de Virelles. You can find all the information on the website of the local tourist agency.

A city walk with your dog? Durbuy is ideal!

We also offer a city walk. In the heart of the world's smallest city, with its picturesque architecture, you can wander around with your faithful companion. If you feel like it, there are a number of lovely loops that start and return to the city to combine your urban walk with wooded areas. Rivers and castle in Durbuy   All the necessary information is available on the website of the Durbuy tourist office.

The lion of Waterloo mound, the best for historical walks

  Walk with your faithful companion in the footsteps of Napoleon. We offer you a walk full of history and emotions! You can find all the walks offered in this context on the Waterloo Tourist Office website. Lion of Waterloo Mound

Walk in the Meerdael Forest

The particular geological conditions present on site offer an exceptional nature. The biggest advantage of this wood is that there is an area of 6 hectares where dogs can run free, which is very rare! Visit the website dedicated to tourism in this area to find out more. Snow Meerdael's Forest  

Walks around the castle of Modave

Castle of Modave There is a 1 hour 40 minute walk through various points of interest. The main one is of course the castle of Modave. It is a restored medieval castle with a classical façade. A true marvel to be discovered without delay by your dear dog. But this is not the only thing to see! You will pass by an old limestone quarrying site and a magnificent chapel, but we are not going to reveal all the wonders to be discovered on this route. Who doesn't like surprises? For this walk go to the website of the local tourist office!      

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