De délicieuses croquettes pour nos chiens

Le projet

Feeding your dog in the best possible way while preserving the planet on which he frolics, that’s our project !


We preferred short circuit by going directly to the farms in the surrounding area.

logo sans céréales


We ban cereals from our recipes. The result is unstoppable, the dogs have an easier digestion and are not overweight.

croquettes sans OGM

100% Natural

No artificial products, no dyes and of course GMO-free.


Only available in bulk or in recycled cardboard packaging for a cleaner planet!

croquettes poulet frais

Fresh meat

The recipes are made with, for the most part, fresh meat for a complete nutritional intake.

100% approved

Elaborated by nutritionists, validated by veterinarians and, above all, by our DOGS!

colonel gustave local

En partenariat avec l'agriculture locale

Because we think it’s important to favour ingredients that can be found locally, we travelled around Belgium in order to find as many ingredients as close as possible. Examples include the fresh chicken, peas, nettles and chicory used in our delicious recipe. A project that is about quality and not quantity!


Une bonne viande cuite une seule fois pour garder tous les nutriments

We use fresh meat in our delicious dog food in order to guarantee maximum quality. There is only good stuff, so we have banished the bones, beaks, feathers, legs and cartilages to keep only the best part for our four-legged friends.

viande fraîche colonel gustave

Pour un chien en pleine santé sans allergies

To guarantee a diet that respects your dog’s physiology, we have created a cereal-free recipe. This ensures that your dog is both growing and healthy at the same time.

A grain-free diet is necessary for dogs with sensitive intestines and gluten intolerance. In addition, it provides a lower carbohydrate content.

It is important to replace cereals with qualitative nutritional value. This is why we have replaced them with carefully selected ingredients such as Belgian peas in organic conversion used in permaculture.


NAFNAC: No artificial flavors, no artificial colour

For maximum quality food, we have chosen only the best. Our recipes are 100% natural. There are no GMOs, no preservatives nor additives, we only kept the good one! 🙂

colonel gustave recette naturelle
labradoodle mangeant des croquettes colonel gustave

Recette élaborée par des experts

Dogs are mainly carnivorous beings as they have a short intestine designed to digest meat. This is why we provide more than 50% animal proteins. The rest is a mixture of herbs and plants with just the right amount of fruit and vegetables as a bonus. Indeed, plants provide great added value as long as they are used properly and not in too large quantities. Afterall, you’ve never seen a dog devour a vegetable garden. The reason is simple : in the wild, wolves found these nutrients by devouring the intestines of their prey. Nowadays, we add them in our recipes for a perfect nutritional intake!


To change the traditional 12kg plastic bag, which is very complicated to transport and not at all ecological, we worked for a long time on a project that was close to our hearts.

chien qui pose avec ses croquettes
local dog kibble

100% Carton

Like Odette, rejoice because our packaging is made of 100% cardboard and can therefore be put in the cardboard bin and be 100% recycled.

Renversant cette boîte avec une poignée et un bec verseur !

After choosing the material (cardboard), we went a step further:

“A bag is still not practical to carry, you absolutely need a handle!”

“It would be handy with a spout so you can fill the bowl without getting it all over the place!”

The Colonel Gustave packaging was born: a cardboard box with handle and spout, very practical!


To change the traditional 12kg plastic bag, which is very complicated to transport and not at all ecological, we worked for a long time on a project that was close to our hearts.

dog kibble display in bulk
cleaning of drums for bulk croquettes

Génial, plus un seul déchet pour remplir la gamelle de mon chien !

Bulk, that’s awesome ! Either I come with my container, or I take a Colonel Gustave bucket specially designed for, there are always some at my dealer. I fill my bucket, weigh it and pay: that’s it ! What’s more, the price is really advantageous thanks to the bulk!

En plus, les grands fûts sont récupérés et lavés

We reuse food drums from the human food industry. They are cleaned until they shine to give them a second life.


Pas encore convaincu ?

More than 8 media who have talked about Colonel Gustave’s delicious, healthy & local croquettes in recent months! But that’s not all 😊… Platforms such as Tipaw or veterinarians and breeders joined the party to celebrate a world with healthy dogs frolicking on a plastic-free planet 🌳